Bet with Roots on Paradox

Paradox is a parimutuel betting protocol built on the Arbitrum blockchain to scale betting liquidity. It allows users to place bets using Roots in certain markets. More information here.

How to use Root on Paradox

The Root token is native to Ethereum, while Paradox is on Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer 2 rollup. To use Root on Paradox, bridge Root from Ethereum to Arbitrum.

Note: While bridging from Ethereum to Arbitrum is relatively quick, due to the optimistic rollup technology, bridging back from Arbritrum to Ethereum will take a minimum of one week.

  1. Get Roots from

  2. Go to the Arbitrum Bridge at and connect your wallet.

  3. Under “From: Mainnet” select the drop down, enter the Root token contract “0x77700005BEA4DE0A78b956517f099260C2CA9a26” and select “Add”.

  4. Enter the amount of Root to bridge to Arbitrum.

  5. Select “Move funds to Arbitrum One”.

  6. You will have to sign two transactions, an approval transaction and a transaction which begins the bridging.

It may take a short time to complete the bridging. When it is complete, you will have Roots on Arbitrum to use on the Paradox app.

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